Health Tested Adults

With a commitment to the highest standards of health and genetic integrity, we strive to produce Bernedoodle puppies that are not only adorable companions but also thrive in health and vitality throughout their lives.

Paw Prints Genetics
Canine Health Check

2 year health guarantee + health insurance

We’re committed to ensuring our puppies lead long, healthy lives. With our 2-year health guarantee, backed by rigorous genetic screenings and OFA certifications for our breeding dogs, we offer peace of mind as you welcome your new buddy home. Our meticulous breeding program prioritizes health care from birth, including vaccinations and deworming, so your Bernedoodle is ready for a joyful life with you

Breeding Practices

Gooddog Certified Breeder

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Tell Tail-Scammer Free Certified

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Puppy Curriculum

Puppy Culture & BAB

The Puppy Culture Program is a comprehensive socialization and training protocol tailored for the critical early stages of a puppy’s life. It encompasses age-specific exercises and lessons designed to foster social skills and a positive behavioral foundation. Meanwhile, the Badass Breeder Program, an elite eight-week course, focuses on enhancing confidence, nerve resilience, and startle recovery. This robust curriculum is crafted to enable puppies to reach their highest potential, preparing them for a life of companionship, therapy work, or service roles.

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Our curriculum introduces puppies to a variety of stimuli including new scents, sounds, textures, and unpredictable movements, alongside daily exposure to different environments and objects. This holistic approach ensures that every Bernedoodle Buddy graduates as a well-rounded, confident, and adaptable companion, ready to face the world with curiosity and courage.<

Temperament testing plays a crucial role in our curriculum, where puppies are assessed across 12 distinct temperament traits. This evaluation helps us highlight each puppy’s unique strengths and areas for growth, allowing prospective families to choose a puppy that aligns with their lifestyle and preferences. Through this process, we advocate for the needs of each puppy, ensuring they find their perfect match and embark on a fulfilling life filled with love and understanding.

Raised in a loving home

Our breeding dogs live with our family or with their forever guardian family.  A guardian family is carefully selected to raise one of our future breeding dogs.  Our goal is to place the puppy with their forever family as young as possible, and we will be the puppy’s “home away from home” and second family.  We are committed to ensuring each of our parent dogs has the individual attention and love that they deserve. We have a 40-acre property that our dogs love exploring together and with our family.

Our puppies are born in our guest room and raised in our home by our family of 5.   We devote every day to raising the most well-rounded, confident, eager-to-please companions possible.

Commitment to training

Baxter & Bella Puppy Online School

We recognize that the foundation of a rewarding and enduring bond between you and your puppy lies in early and effective training. To ensure you have access to the best tools and resources for nurturing this bond, we’ve proudly partnered with BAXTER & Bella, leaders in comprehensive online dog training.


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BAXTER & Bella’s Lifetime Membership is your gateway to a harmonious relationship with your puppy, offering an extensive suite of resources that cater to every aspect of training and companionship. This membership isn’t just about training; it’s about building a lifetime of love and mutual respect through guided learning. You’ll gain unlimited access to expert support, ensuring that help is always at hand for any training challenges you encounter.


The membership includes over 25 individual classes, spanning more than 35 weeks of structured courses, designed to guide you and your puppy through every step of the training process. With hundreds of demonstration videos, you’ll find actionable guidance on a wide array of training scenarios. Furthermore, engaging games, activities, detailed charts, and checklists will equip you with everything you need to track progress and celebrate milestones together.


You are family

Lifetime Support

 Our commitment to you and your new furry family member extends far beyond the day you bring your puppy home. We pride ourselves on offering continuous, lifetime support for every puppy we place. Whether you have questions, need advice, or simply wish to share the latest adventures and milestones of your Bernedoodle, we are always here for you. Our door remains open for any inquiries or guidance you may need, ensuring a thriving, joyful life for your pet.

Customer Experience

We recognize the importance of your decision to welcome a new puppy into your family’s heart and home. We are committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience, ensuring that the journey from initial inquiry to the joyous day you welcome your new puppy into your home is seamless, supportive, and filled with excitement.

Our family offers personalized guidance at every step, helping you find the perfect match for your family’s lifestyle and preferences. With Bernedoodle Buddies, you’re not just choosing a puppy; you’re embarking on a delightful adventure with a trusted partner by your side

How It Works


Fill Out an Application

Kindly fill out our application form to help us understand your preferences and ensure a perfect match between you and your new furry companion.

Schedule a Call

After we have received your puppy application we will schedule a facetime call with you to go over and answer any questions you may have.

Pay The Deposit

Once your application has been approved, we require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy.

An outstanding experience!

I had an outstanding experience with Rachel and her family at Bernedoodle Buddies while selecting our new F1 Standard Bernedoodle puppy. From the initial stages of choosing the puppy to the entire process leading up to bringing our furry friend home, Rachel went above and beyond to make the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. What truly sets Rachel apart is her warm and personable nature. Speaking with her felt like talking to an old friend who genuinely cares about the well-being of both the puppies and the families they go to. She was incredibly patient and thorough in answering all our questions, guiding us through the selection process, and providing valuable insights into the care and upbringing of our new puppy. 

Finding Bernedoodle Buddies was a gift.

I spent weeks all over google, facebook and Instagram looking for a Bernedoodle breeder (family) and being unsure of their picking process, ethics, safety standards, health verification, being told it would be years before I would get a fur baby, or just uncomfortable with our correspondence and just getting uncomfortable vibes. I found Bernedoodle Buddies and it just clicked. Their open honestly and transparency about everything was amazing, having a Instagram where I could see daily updates about other litters gave me such warm feelings knowing I would get constant updates about my future baby. 

We had the best experience!

We had the best experience with Bernedoodle buddies and couldn’t recommend them more. We brought a puppy home from them annd into our family with two very young children. From the start, the puppy came home tolerating the noise, touching, everything. We have never had a single worry about our bernedoodle around our children which is HUGE in my opinion. Our puppy came home with crate training and sleeping through the night and sit command. She picked up on her other commands very quickly andw was potty trained completely within 1.5 weeks of arriving home due to Rachel exposing her to these things before coming home.